Local Permits

Monterey County encompasses a vast area including 12 incorporated cities, a large amount of unincorporated county land, state parks and U.S. Forest Service property, and privately-controlled areas.

What You Need to Know to Film On-Location in Monterey County

Although each jurisdiction handles its own film permit procedures directly, all require the following:

  • certificate of insurance for a minimum of $1 million naming the jurisdiction (and its officers, agents and employees) as additionally insured
  • a written locations breakdown or description
  • signature of an authorized representative
  • payment in advance of the project

Permits are easily obtainable in most areas of Monterey County and most cities comply with the California State Film Commission’s model permit. Most jurisdictions request a five day minimum lead time or longer if the project requires full street closures, pyrotechnics or major special effects. On the following pages are the contact names, phone numbers, fee ranges and any special requirements of the most often filmed areas within Monterey County.

Please contact the Monterey County Film Commission at 831-646-0910 (cell: 831-594-9410) or email Film Commissioner Karen Nordstrand at Karen@FilmMonterey.org in advance of any filming to register the project, receive filming guidelines and tips, and to be advised of any changes in the following information.

The Monterey County Film Commission does not issue permits, but we are happy to help direct you to the appropriate jurisdictions which you’ll find listed within this section.