Monterey County Permits

Within its 3,771 square mile area are roads, unincorporated lands, parks and buildings under the jurisdiction of the County of Monterey.

Monterey County permits are required for filming on county roads, county buildings or in the unincorporated areas of Monterey County. Projects taking place within incorporated city limits, military areas or on private property do not require an additional permit through Monterey County. Start by contacting the Monterey County Sheriff’s Dept.

Monterey County Sheriff’s Dept. contact:

  • Phone: 831-647-7702
  • Fax: 831-647-7891 or 831-647-7888
  • Address: 1200 Aguajito Rd., Monterey, CA 93940Housing & Community Development (Department of Public Works) contact:

Housing & Community Development contact:

Fees: $100/permit payable to the Monterey County Sheriff’s Dept. plus $350/permit payable to Monterey County Public Works for any project filming on county roads. (Two separate checks need to be written to the above agencies). $200+ for county-owned buildings. The Public Works Dept. requests permits be submitted with as much lead time as possible.

Special requirements: Clearance for film projects needs to be handled through the County Sheriff’s Office. If the lead time is short (5 days or less), and the project involves filming on county roads, then the film company should simultaneously contact the Department of Public Works for confirmation.

Monterey County Parks:

Includes Lake San Antonio, Lake Nacimiento, Jacks Peak, Toro Park, San Lorenzo Park, Royal Oaks, and Manzanita.

Fees: Vary by park site from $250 to $1,500 per day; damage deposit may be required.

Special Requirements: Application form available on Monterey County Parks website.

Please contact the Monterey County Film Commission at 831-646-0910 (cell: 831-594-9410) or email Film Commissioner Karen Nordstrand at in advance of any filming to register the project, receive filming guidelines and tips, and to be advised of any changes in the following information.

The Monterey County Film Commission does not issue permits, but we are happy to help direct you to the appropriate jurisdictions which you’ll find listed within this section.