State of California Permits

Monterey County has numerous state roads, state parks and beaches, and even Pt. Lobos State Reserve. These properties are permitted via the California Film Commission after discussing the project with local contacts listed.

Location Library:

  • Contact: Lisa Mosher, Location Library Specialist, ext. 123

State Roads:

  • Contact: David Booth, Caltrans Permit Coordinator, ext. 104

California Highway Patrol:

Fees: No location fees. $140 review fee for Caltrans and hourly charges if necessary for rangers. Fees vary based on activity.

Special Requirements:

State Roads: All Caltrans permits are issued through the California Film Commission (CFC). Highway One in Big Sur is a state road. Please note that Caltrans District 5 restricts film activities that include traffic control on Highway One from Carmel Highlands south into San Luis Obispo County during the summer. The moratorium is in effect between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. Questions on the policy may be directed to Bryan Parker, 805-549-3123 or his email of

For California Highway Patrol support, contact the CHP Film Media Relations Officer at the CFC.

State Parks:

  • Contact: Brandy Davis, Permit Coordinator, Northern California State Parks and Bldgs./Facilities
  • Phone: ext. 106 or 323-817-4106
  • Email:

Special Requirements:

State Parks: Contact the local state parks rangers to get initial approval of film activity. The final permit is issued through the California Film Commission State Parks Coordinator, Brandy Davis, ext. 106 for Northern California.

Monterey Area:

Parks including Pt. Lobos State Reserve, Carmel River State Beach and Middle Beach, Monastery Beach, Monterey State Beach, Salinas River State Beach, Moss Landing State Beach, and Ft. Ord Dunes State Beach.

Asilomar State Beach and Monterey Historic Parks:

Big Sur Area:

Parks including Andrew Molera State Park, Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Pt. Sur State Park, and Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.


Fees: Varied fees depending on activities, including monitors.

For tips on filming in Big Sur: visit Sustainable Moments.

Filming with Aerial Drones:

Please contact the Monterey County Film Commission at 831-646-0910 (cell: 831-594-9410) or email Film Commissioner Karen Nordstrand at in advance of any filming to register the project, receive filming guidelines and tips, and to be advised of any changes in the following information.

The Monterey County Film Commission does not issue permits, but we are happy to help direct you to the appropriate jurisdictions which you’ll find listed within this section.