Military Area Permits

Monterey County has several properties that are under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Military. These include the Presidio of Monterey, parts of Ft. Ord, Ft. Hunter Liggett, the Naval Postgraduate School and U.S. Coast Guard. Any project depicting the military that takes place on location at one of Monterey County’s sites must be first cleared through the appropriate film liaison office in Los Angeles. The contacts are:

Projects not depicting the military, but using the site only as a location, may be handled through local contacts including:

  • U.S. Coast Guard: Operations Officer, 831-647-7312
  • U.S. Army: All projects must first be cleared through the U.S. Army film liaison office for approval to shoot. On site contacts include:

Presidio of Monterey:

Ft. Hunter Liggett:

  • Contact: Amy Phillips, Public Affairs
  • Phone: 831-386-2690
  • Fax: 831-386-2606

National Guard: Camp Roberts

  • Contact: Public Affairs Office
  • Phone: 805-238-8308
  • Fax: 805-238-8306

Please contact the Monterey County Film Commission at 831-646-0910 (cell: 831-594-9410) or email Film Commissioner Karen Nordstrand at in advance of any filming to register the project, receive filming guidelines and tips, and to be advised of any changes in the following information.

The Monterey County Film Commission does not issue permits, but we are happy to help direct you to the appropriate jurisdictions which you’ll find listed within this section.