Foolish Wives

Release date:1922

  • 17 Mile Drive - Pebble Beach
  • Point Lobos


Eric Von Stroheim (one of the silent screen's greatest directors and actors who was known for his unbridled extravagance) and Mae Busch; directed by Von Stroheim; Universal; considered Von Stroheim's most vivid star performance and one of his most lavish productions; billed as the first million dollar movie; a risque film in those days; story about a fake count in Monte Carlo who seduces and blackmails rich women; scenes filmed along the 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach and at Point Lobos, featuring a large Monte Carlo set, four stories high, at Sea Lion Point in the Point Lobos State Reserve; 500 extras, including 350 socialites from San Francisco and Monterey County, among them Charles Crocker, Betty Folger, Howard and Rudolph Spreckels, George Newhall, Elyse Hopkins, Joseph Tobin, M.H. DeYoung and S.F.B. Morse.