Desire Me

Release date:1947

  • Point Lobos
  • Pebble Beach
  • Malpaso Creek


Greer Garson, Richard Hart and Robert Mitchum; no director credit, at least three directors worked on the film, including George Cukor, who did most of the work and was entitled to the credit, Mervyn LeRoy and Jack Conway; MGM; during the filming, it had a working title of "A Woman of My Own"; drama about the wife of a Normany villager who hears that he has died in a concentration camp and marries the bearer of the news, who turns out to be a psycotic who had left her husband for dead _ but he didn't die; scenes filmed at Point Lobos, 17 Mile Drive at Pebble Beach, Malpaso Creek on the coast south of Carmel and elsewhere on the Monterey Peninsula and its environs; the film was plagued by delays and other problems, including retakes and re-editing and a last-minute replacement of Robert Montgomery with Hart as the male lead; Miss Garson was hospitalized after being swept off the rocks by an ocean wave at Malpaso Creek and rolled in 10 feet of water before being rescued by a fisherman employed on the set, Monterey purse seine skipper Vincent Sollecito; Miss Garson suffered bruises and a back sprain and was off the set for a week or more; MGM had wanted to put up a few buildings at the Point Lobos State Reserve but withdrew the idea when the Point Lobos League, fearful of a repeat of an earlier filming episode at Point Lobos that damaged the fragile environment, tried to stop the filming altogether. MGM was allowed to film at Point Lobos but under the watchful eye of the Point Lobos League; the late 1930s to mid-'40s was a particularly favorite period for Peninsula-made films, and the number during that time may have exceeded 50.