The Miracle Man

Release date:1932

  • Point Lobos
  • 17 Mile Drive - Pebble Beach
  • Monterey Peninsula


Chester Morris, Sylvia Sidney, Hobart Bosworth (as the miracle man), Boris Karloff and Ned Sparks; directed by Norman McLeod; Paramount; a "talkie" remake of a 1919 silent film; story about a group of con artists who encounter a man with the power to work miracles; background scenes filmed at Point Lobos, 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach and elsewhere on the Monterey Peninsula; none of the starts were on the Peninsula for the initial filming, and local residents L.B. Woods, C.H. Dixon and Harvey Murphy were used as doubles for the actors, including Bosworth (Wood was his double) and Morris; a few additional Peninsula scenes were filmed later and Bosworth accompanied the film crew, headed by O.W. Roberts; the balance of the movie was filmed at the Paramount Ranch near Hollywood; Paramount was lured to the Peninsula by Jean Juillard, who was president of the San Carlos Hotel Co. and a former assistant manager of the old Hotel Del Monte. Juillard led the formation of the Monterey Peninsula Motion Picture Association to encourage Hollywood studios to film on the Peninsula.