Release date:1922

  • Monterey
  • Whalers' Cove - Point Lobos
  • Carmel


Lon Chaney, Harrison Ford and Marguerite DeLa Motte; directed by Tom Forman; Lichtman Studios; silent film in which Chaney plays a Chinese laundryman; scenes filmed at Whalers' Cove at Point Lobos, on Ocean Avenue in Carmel (including one scene with a wandering musician) and in Monterey at Fisherman's Wharf and in the 500 block of Larkin Street; the Larkin Street shots were night scenes and people in the neighborhood sat on the bank of a vacant lot across the street and watched for several evenings; huge klieg lights in front windows of nearby homes were set up to illuminate the street; the film crew promised to pay the residents for the inconvenience but never did; a large Chinese junk was built for the film and launched off the point Lobos Canning Co.'s wharf; members of the Monterey Civic Club were extras in a scene filmed at the waterfront, which showed the arrival of a minister.