Rose of the Rancho

Release date:1914

  • Monterey


Bessie Barriscale; directed and produced by Cecil B. DeMille; Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Co.; one of the first of 70 films done by DeMille and done the year he started in movies; DeMille is the person most responsible for making Hollywood the film capital, he moved Hollywood from two- and three-reel films into feature-length motion pictures; in 1914, DeMille was director general of the Lasky Co., a partnership of DeMille, Lasky and Samuel Goldfish (later Goldwyn), which grew into the giant Paramount Pictures; Miss Barriscale's second film; she was a star of early silent movies, typically romantic melodramas, whose career peaked prior to 1920; filmed extensively in Monterey; cast and crew of 40 people shot thousands of feet of film in Monterey, using the city's historic buildings and scenic beauty as a backdrop; filming was done in September 1914, and the picture was released in the theaters before the end of the year.